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On the Road: Northern Nevada

This autumn’s travel season began with a trip that was barely a gleam in anyone’s eye at the end of June. The note from Christy McGill asked this: What would it take to bring you and Dimitri to a grass roots local conference in Silver Springs, Nevada, to be the key note speakers to 200+… Continue Reading

Dear Friends…

Dear friends… I keep feeling like it’s been so long, that I need to begin blogging again. Then I think, “But these are my friends; I want to tell them where I’ve been.” Which leads to my thinking about blogging about where I’ve been. Which feels overwhelming, which means I do nothing about it, then… Continue Reading

Catching up. And horses.

Yes, life intervened with my inviting you all along on the journey. In the next few days, that’s probably going to happen again. Autumn is usually like that around here. So for now, I’ll share a couple of photos from a small piece of the past month – wild horses in northern Nevada. This one at… Continue Reading