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It’s Always the Season of Giving: Monday Morning Rock Out!

Helping_the_homeless - wikimediaIt’s easy to fall into the trap of calling the holidays the “season of giving.”

And I say “trap” because that suggests that there is just one season for giving.

Study after study after study shows a direct link between generosity and happiness. So what exactly are we holding on to when we hold back from sharing?

This last-month-of-the-year, I’m vowing to look beyond the holidays, beyond the year-end blitz for donating to charity. I’m vowing to make 2015 a personal year of generosity, a year of giving whatever I have to share, with the intent that giving becomes a habit, and then simply a way of being.

And I’d love to hear stories of what happens when you share what you have, without expecting a gift or a happy client or a tax receipt in return.

Have a great Monday and a great week, everyone!

If you are reading this in an e-reader, click here to watch this beautiful video.

Photo credit: By Ed Yourdon from New York City, USA (Helping the homelessUploaded by Gary Dee). Worth a click-through to Wikimedia Commons read the story.