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Making Real Friends

Rose & WaltThis week marks the 1 year anniversary of the fully revised version of my book, FriendRaising.

To honor that event, I’ll be sharing stories from the book all this week. I hope these stories inspire you to get out there and engage friends for the causes you believe in!

Please note: The stories from FriendRaising – all about Dimitri and my building the first-ever community-wide diaper bank – have been re-posted here. Sorry for the inconvenience!

You Are a Person of Influence (Yes, You)

Sometimes life sneaks up on you.  You think you’re just doing one thing, only to find it’s bigger, grander than you ever imagined.  What are matter-of-fact moments to us are huge in the eyes of those watching. Parents see that all the time. Our kids show us remarkable behaviors, and when we comment on those… Continue Reading

“Community Organizer” Defined

To the millions of people who work and volunteer in the Community Benefit Sector, who have felt your life’s work disparaged as you watch the political news these past few days, I offer the following definition of “Community Organizing.” Community Organizing is work done to fix the messes made by those who run our nation’s… Continue Reading