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Giving Thanks and Giving Birth

St. Louis ArchThree weeks ago, Dimitri and I left for a road trip across the midwest, doing some of the most rewarding work we’ve had the privilege to do. The trip was nonstop, leaving little time for blogging (although I did begin a travel log describing the trip, which I do promise to finish).

The work included teaching and convening discussion. It included meeting slowly and thoughtfully. It included finally being face to face with colleagues we have known only online. It included seeing friends we truly love and wish we lived closer to.

It also included seeing and experiencing some of the best our country has to offer. We found vibrant arts communities in St. Louis and Kansas City. We found innovative thinking about this sector’s potential in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska.

Against this backdrop, with the visionary and insightful help of Dave Svet of Spur Communications, Creating the Future’s essence came alive. In the next few days, I will unveil just what this effort will be.

The intent of the work is simple – to once and for all unleash this sector’s potential to create the world we want.

The path is simple as well – applying the best wisdom about personal change from every discipline (Psychology, Business Sales Process, Coaching, Belief Repatterning, Fundraising), to create the cause-and-effect critical path to that healthy, vibrant, peaceful world.

I’ll be writing about all of that here in the next few days. For now, though, in the spirit of giving thanks, this post is for everyone who has been part of what we now realize has been a year of gestation. Each of you reading this blog has added your wisdom and your spirit to Creating the Future.

It has been a year of growth, a year of gathering, a year that has felt like something powerful is coming together and in one final push, being born – something that will literally change everything.

Seeing it clearly now, we know our excitement has indeed been justified. And for that, both Dimitri and I give our most humble thanks.

With particular thanks to Dave Svet, Renata Rafferty, and Rick Carter. You have given us more than you can ever know.