Writing: Creating the Future’s Theory of Change

Writing2You all have been part of this journey, encouraging me when the writing was flowing, encouraging me even more when it wasn’t going so well.

Well the weeks in front of the computer, writing and re-writing, and then completely re-outlining and re-writing again – that has finally paid off: 

One of the biggest, hardest pieces to write is finally in review draft form, asking for comments!

Now it is your turn:
I am hoping you will be part of the review team! You can download the paper here. You can also sign up there to get updates, to participate in making this seminal piece the best it can be.

There are not words enough to say how grateful I am for each of you. My best reward will be when you take what you find in that white paper, put it to use, and begin immediately bringing out the best in everyone around you.

2 Responses to Writing: Creating the Future’s Theory of Change

  1. HG! I love the behind-the-scenes photo of the creation process – seeing your multiple pads, hand-written ideas, typed drafts, the Pollyanna Principles at the ready, assorted writing and highlighting implements and more – all spoke volumes. The photo reminded me of Austin Kleon’s image of his work space, and inviting others in there to see and feel his where and how.
    And no surprise, but WOWOWOW! I’m reading, re-reading, reflecting, “scribbling in the margins” of your draft this week. It gives me such joy to do so. Thank you for sharing this with the universe.

  2. Rebecca – first, thank you! Second, I can’t wait to see your comments over at that post. The combined efforts of everyone making that paper the best it can be are pretty awesome!

    Also your note about the photo made me go back over past posts – I have shared photos before of the writing process. And I found that all the photos from times past, which I had pulled from my Flickr account, are not there! Which makes me happy I’m now posting the photos right here in the back end of this blog, but sad that those are all gone. I promise to post some of those old photos soon, because the writing process is such a messy thing – not at all what many picture of simply a writer at a desk. Or at least that’s not the case in my house! 🙂

    Eager to hear your thoughts – and everyone else’s as well!!