Moving from Compassion to Action

Hold_my_hand (framed) reducedMany of you know that the past few weeks have been tough around here, as a family member has had a significant crisis, and we’ve been stepping in to give whatever support we can provide.

That led me to realizing the extent to which that “stepping in” has been a theme during this summer’s sabbatical – moving from simply being compassionate and empathetic, to actually taking action. 

And so I wrote this post at Huffington Post, weaving together just a few of the instances in which “stepping in” from a place of kindness has made me take notice.

The added bonus is that Creating the Future’s board talked about this very thing at their meeting this week, focusing on the development of workplace practices rooted in our taking care of each other – mutual accountability, rooted in kindness. I’ll keep you posted as that story evolves.

I hope the post at HuffPo resonates for you. It has been one of the most meaningful learnings of this entire sabbatical for me.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Ann Colette (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons

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