Monday Morning Rock Out: Gifting (Hildy’s Birthday Edition)

Yup, this week is my birthday!

And as people keep asking me what I want for my birthday (and I keep answering, “Just be part of our work at Creating the Future!”), I find I am connecting strongly with the message in this week’s video.

What is it to be in a state of gifting? And what is it to gratefully and graciously receive?

“We can receive joy simply by seeing others receiving joy.”  Yes yes yes!

If you are reading this post in an email reader, click here for the video. I promise you’ll say YES, too!

This week, I’ll be seeing how much I can give. And I will be doing my best to joyfully receive. Because, as Halcyon points out in the video, when we give a gift with no expectation of getting something in return, it creates a surplus of good stuff on all sides.

I know that’s what I receive from all of you, all the time – in your comments and notes, in your support of Creating the Future, in your support of me. I hope you know what deep joy that gives me. 

Have a great week, everyone. Make it a week of giving, with no expectation of getting something back. And let me know what happens, ok? Because that will be a rockin’ birthday gift!



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