2 Movies to See

My summer has been filled with movies.

That is not because I’m on sabbatical. My life always revolves around what’s coming out when, what’s got one more week left (so that I can sneak in a matinee before it leaves town and goes to DVD).

I’ve seen some great films this summer (going to see Boyhood tomorrow, and I’m quite sure that will be next week’s recommendation!). Here are two movies that moved me, each in a different way.

If you ever find yourself in an argument with someone who states as fact that “no one will watch a movie where nothing horrible happens, where people are good to each other, where people are just real and human in the very best of ways” – well, tell them to go see Chef. Oh, and it’s a guy buddy movie. AND it’s about amazing food. And and and – just lots to love here, and to smile about.

Variety’s reviewer called this movie “A small gem.” I would add that it packs a huge punch; I didn’t stop thinking about it for days. Actually weeks. It is a moving, powerful, deeply compassionate and empathetic film, focused on an Indian father’s quest to find his abducted son. Unlike a Hollywood abduction film, this indie film (in Hindi with English subtitles) has no shooting, no swearing, just deep humanity. Wherever and whenever you can see this film, do so.

And now, the trailers:


Have a fabulous weekend at the movies, everyone. And please, let me know what movies you loved!!




2 Responses to 2 Movies to See

  1. Thanks for these recommendations Hildy! Will add them to my list. One that I absolutely MUST recommend is The Grand Seduction (a Toronto International Film Festival selection), set in Newfoundland that I saw this week. It’s probably the sweetest film I have ever seen, and it’s all about community! It’s the story of a small fishing harbour of about 200 people, and their need to find a doctor. But it’s so much more than that. Might be hard to find outside Canada, but if it plays near you don’t miss the chance to see it!

  2. I have officially added it to the list, Karen – thanks. UPDATE- went to add it to the list, and it was already on my list!

    And did go see Boyhood tonight. Still processing. It was spellbindingly good. I still have no words. Promise to report back when I find enough words to fill even a small paragraph. Mostly, just go see it.