3D Street Art: Monday Morning Rock Out

There is so much to say about this video, and nothing at all to say.  What jumps out at you as you watch (besides OMG and Wow!)? 

If you are reading this post in an email reader, click here to watch it now. I guarantee once you see this, you will think of it often.

4 Responses to 3D Street Art: Monday Morning Rock Out

  1. What jumps out — those who dare to leap to a ledge, that no one just walks over it, and even after there is great familiarity, no one actually goes to the bottom of the abyss. And that is after being blitzed by the sheer magic of the concept. Thanks, Hildy.

  2. Seriously!! It is such a testimony to “all that we are arises from our thoughts; with our thoughts, we create the world.” Watching another of these videos, I was struck that when the artist packed up to leave, he walked along the rim, never letting his foot go inside the cavern. And he’s the one who drew it! 🙂

  3. Amazing! And beautifully paired with a forceful performance of Vivaldi’s Winter – thanks for a great start to this Back-to-School Monday.

  4. I so love the notion of a blank canvas. It can be anything…a sidewalk, a brick wall, a computer screen. And, like any creative endeavor, the potential for turning that “empty” space into something magical, positive, or transformational is entirely up to us. If we thought about community this way, as a blank canvas, maybe we’d be inspired in new or different ways to leave our mark. It’s a creative process, after all, this changemaking we all aspire to!