Mural: Begging for Support

It’s done!

The post that has been taking every last bit of my energy – the one that has led to this post about beating ourselves up, and this post about sticking with it and finding the muse – it’s done!

Click here and you’ll find what is hopefully a well-laid-out invitation for partners to explore with us, as we seek more effective ways to fund social change.

Never mind that there are 5 posts still remaining to be penned, as back-up for that one monster post. Never mind that the number of words yet to be written for those back-up posts will be enough to comprise a small ebook. Those other posts will be about what we’ll do, not how we’re thinking about it. And doing is always easier to write about than being. Unlike this bear of a post, that had me by the throat for the greater part of 2 weeks, I can’t wait to dive in to write those back-up pieces!

So please take a look at the post that has been consuming me. 

Please help me see what we might be missing, and please help to make sure that what I wrote is clear. Please let me know what questions I didn’t answer there, and what additional back-up posts you hope I’ll write to answer those questions. 

Let me know about people and orgs that come to mind as you read, that might feed into what we’re trying to do and might want to explore alongside us.  

And mostly please just keep reading and asking questions. Because your reading and commenting and sending notes is the fuel that has been keeping this engine going. And the questions – well that’s where the gold is!

Thanks for the ongoing encouragement, gang. It means more than I can say.

If you know people doing creative work, please click on the “share” links below to invite them on this journey of the creative process. I would love to learn from them about what’s working and/or not working in their own endeavors. (If you’re reading this via email, those links are here.) Thanks! 

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