Finding Abundance

In addition to everything else I’ve been doing on this sabbatical, I’m teaching. Yes, I know that’s not supposed to happen, but I can’t simply ignore Creating the Future in this start-up phase of its existence.

I have taught this mini-webinar before, so I thought this would be easy. And in some ways it is – I don’t have to recreate it.

What I hadn’t counted on, like much of this sabbatical, is how much the class would teach ME! Truly this has been a time of exploration and surprise. When I started out this journey with posts about serendipity, I had no idea that that really was to be the theme of this few months.

The official title of the FlashClass I’m doing this week is “Finding Abundance: Moving Beyond Frustration About Money.”  What’s almost embarrassing to admit is that in my reading and reviewing and tweaking slides, I’ve been stopped on just about every page of my script, as I hear myself saying aloud, “Yes! This! This is so true!” (Then the castigating, “Uh – yeah – you wrote this, Hildy – remember?”)

It’s not the first time this has happened. I confess it happens when I read books I wrote long ago – like my board recruitment book. The last edition of that was rewritten in 2008, which means I haven’t spent any time with it in six years. And when I do, I have that same embarrassed reaction – I forget I wrote it, and I wind up agreeing with myself out loud. “Oh yes! This!” Sigh…

I am hoping you guys will join me for this one, though, because seriously, I’ve had an aha every few minutes working with it this past weekend. It’s a FlashClass mini-webinar, which means it is no-excuse learning. It goes live this Wedneday the 17th, and you can watch it whenever you like, as often as you like, until August 17th. You’ll find info here

Having run through this class three times now, touching each slide, I’m looking forward to that 4th and final pass-through. Because seriously, I am reminding myself at each turn, “Money is only one resource, and it’s the most scarce. LOOK UP! There are abundant resources all around us, just waiting for us to notice them….”   

Two notes:
Note #1: This is my personal space for thinking and exploring. It is rare that I talk about upcoming events and classes at Creating the Future – just when something is personally meaningful. If you want to be notified of classes and other events at Creating the Future, our monthly e-newsletter (a sample is here) has all that plus a ton of articles and info, always around a theme (You can subscribe to that here).  You might also want to check out Creating the Future’s blogs, on topics from leadership to community to resourcing and more – those are here.

Note #2: Why we call our FlashClasses no-excuse learning: 1) They’re 30 minutes and recorded so you can watch when it works for you (“I don’t have time!”). 2) They’re $9.99 including worksheets (“We can’t afford it.”). 3) They’re filled with rock solid content (“Most webinars are a waste of my time – and money!”).

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