This Summer’s Writing List

ConfidenceMy two weeks of decompressing complete, it is writing and thinking and exploring time.

To bring you all along on the journey, I thought I’d share what I’ll be working on, to get your own wheels turning, and to see if you have ideas along the way.

Let’s start by putting out there that I have packed about a year’s dreams of writing into the 2 ½ months before I return to the office. And that I am not fooling myself about what will get done. I have instead done what we teach at Creating the Future: I’ve matrixed all those projects against objective criteria, asking questions such as Is someone else waiting for this? – or – Is it a liability if it isn’t done? – or – Will it provide stability to our young organization? – and etc. 

After ranking the answers, here’s this summer’s writing list, in order of what I’ll be working on first. Some will happen in bits and pieces all throughout the summer, some in project form with a beginning and end.

1) Finding Funding Partners for Creating the Future’s Planning
The next big demonstration project for Creating the Future is about exploring funding relationships where we are all equal partners in the outcomes – each of us learning from each other and from the process, each of us applying what we learn to our own work and sharing that with the world, and each of us putting into the pot what we have.

Step 1 is therefore to write our thinking about funding that walks the talk of the equitable, engaged, open, learning world we want to create.

With that writing in place, Step 2 is to begin sleuthing conversations – exploring with forward-thinking foundation leaders and philanthropists, to determine if the approach has merit, and to incorporate their thinking into what will eventually become an invitation to partner alongside us.

The writing will be a project. The sleuthing will take all summer. And we hope by fall to identify some potential partners for this effort!

2) Community Impact Planning FlashClass(es)
Community Impact Planning is the process that puts Creating the Future’s causality framework into action. Furthering the thinking in my TEDx talk, Community Impact Planning creates a do-able path from today to the future we want for our communities.

This summer I’ll be writing and producing a FlashClass (perhaps 2?) to introduce this planning approach. That 30 minute recorded webinar will premiere this September.

3) Master Class for our Fellows
Our immersion course evolves from one class to the next. Which means that fellows from our 2014 classes had a significantly different experience from those who were in the class in 2009.

This summer I’ll be writing and producing a video class for our fellows, to bring everyone onto the same page.

4) Book: The Continuum of Potential
The Continuum of Potential is a framework for bringing out the best in ourselves and those around us. That framework has been in R&D at Creating the Future for several years, and our fellows have found it so useful that I will be brain-dumping the first draft of a book on this subject.

I will simultaneously be writing proposals to publishers for the book, as we are considering moving beyond self-publishing for this one. I know it’s not the recommended order of things – to brain-dump the book while putting out proposals – but if it doesn’t all get done now, it will wind up on the list for next summer’s sabbatical…

5) Book Proposal: Change the Questions, Change the World
This book will be the sequel to The Pollyanna Principles – an overview of the over-the-moon effectiveness of changing results by changing the questions and conversations that create those results.

We will definitely be looking for a mainstream publisher for this one, which is why I’m hoping to get a proposal drafted this summer, to begin submitting to publishers in the fall.

6) White Paper: Community Impact Planning
Once the FlashClass on this topic is written and produced (#2 above), I’ll be using that material to draft a more data-driven white paper, sharing more detail about the planning process and its results. And who knows, that white paper may become an e-book!

Confidence 2Like I said, there is a LOT of work to be done. I am aiming to accomplish it all, but we’ll see what reality has in store for me. Especially with meetings I must still attend, podcasts I must still create, and the rest of what it takes to run Creating the Future, even from afar.

So stay tuned! I promise to bring you along on the journey that will create all these books and classes and processes. Because the journey truly is where all the fun AND the learning reside.

Please invite others along on this journey of discovery and exploration of the creative process. Just click on the “share” links below. Thanks!

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