Ode to a Cookie

DandelionWalking to the office this morning, I realized I didn’t savor my cookie at breakfast.

A few weeks ago, I read that a big breakfast, chock-full-of protein with a sweet treat as dessert, can reduce craving sweets later in the day. In my quest to create more healthy eating habits, I tried it… and it has been working!

Today I was in a rush, though. A skype call interrupted breakfast, and so I flew out the door, downing my cookie treat with the last of my homemade latte, and headed out into the day.

I was 2 blocks from home when I realized I couldn’t remember my cookie. My Mallomar, the sweet joy of my day – I could barely remember throwing it in my mouth.

And ARGH – I couldn’t remember the latte either. Adding the protein of milk to my normally black coffee has been another treat to savor. And yet I could barely remember draining the last of that drink as I ran out the door.

I admonished myself, there as I walked. Until I realized…

It was a beautiful spring morning. Goldfinches were flocking in the trees overhead. The air was cool, the sun warm.

And I was so busy chastising myself for failing to savor my breakfast, that I wasn’t savoring what was all around me, right at that moment!

I laughed out loud.

Then I watched the Curve-billed Thrasher grab a bit of food and fly away. I listened to the bright yellow finches twittering and fluttering. I waved to my neighbor. I smelled the air.

I vowed to do my best to savor the bits and pieces of today.

And I vowed that tomorrow, I will stop and savor my cookie. Whether it stops my craving for sweets or not, perhaps savoring that one treat will help me appreciate the rest of the day.

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