Monday Morning Rock Out: Thunderstruck

What is the meandering path of your life, that has led you to be passionate about the things you are passionate about?

That is the question we use for group introductions at Creating the Future. No meaningless ice-breakers, no quick name-and-position around the table. Instead, we ask each person to tell the story of their journey.

The fun part of these introductions is that there are always surprises. After all, none of us is just one thing – we are a complex amalgam of everything we have experienced and everything in our DNA. Sharing our stories allow us to share those surprising bits that make us who we are!

The nonprofit consultant who began as an opera singer. The accountant who teaches gardening on the weekends. The barrista at the local cafe, whose family fled into the mountains of Kosovo during the war.

Or the cellists who love AC/DC… 

If you are reading this in an email reader, click here to watch the video. This one is a barn-burner!

The thing about the surprises inside each of us is that we never run out. There is always something new to learn about the people who sit next to each of us, every day.

So go out and find it. Ask the person next to you, “What do you love doing most in life? What is the meandering journey that brings you to today? What have you seen tasted smelled heard? What brings you joy?”

Here’s hoping you, too, are Thunderstruck.

Many thanks to Rob Tonus for sharing this week’s video!

To compare, check out the original AC/DC version of Thunderstuck here. And find more from the amazing 2Cellos team of Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic here!

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