Monday Morning Rock Out: Singing Them Into the World

Every person I will meet this week is an important person. 

Every person I meet will have flaws – like I do. They will all have places of brilliance and love – like I do. Every one of them deserves a chance to shine – like we all do, because we either all deserve to shine, or none of us does.

And what better way to create the opportunity for others to shine than to SING?!

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“I’m singing to a future important person. That’s the credit I give to all of them.”
At every moment, we have the power to bring out the best in those around us.

Whether we sing out loud, or simply sing in our hearts, we have the power, every day, to sing to the future important person in front of us. Because each of us has the potential to become that important person until our very last breath on earth.

Make it a wonderful week, everyone!

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