Monday Morning Rock Out: Neutron Dance Time!

Kermit the FrogRegardless of what part of the world you live in, it is time to dance.

In the southern half of the world, it is time to dance because it’s summer and the weather is fine. In the north, dancing is a great way to keep warm!

For movie buffs, for music buffs, for anyone who needs to keep your toes tapping, a little something to start the week.

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Dance at work. Dance at home. Dance in the rain in the snow in the subway. You can dance if you want to… (And yes, click on the link. It’s another dance & movie mashup by the same guy!)

Have a toe-tappingly joyful week, everyone!

If you’re wondering why the photo of Kermit…
I can’t hear this tune without picturing the Muppet rendition of Neutron Dance from the wonderful but short-lived Jim Henson Hour. I am guessing I am not the only parent of an 80’s child who taped and then re-heard these shows a million times. And I’m guessing I’m not the only one – not by a long shot – who still misses Jim Henson.


2 Responses to Monday Morning Rock Out: Neutron Dance Time!

  1. Hildy, I was already on fire after finishing the video portion of our Catalyzing the Potential of Others class in the wee small hours this morning. Then, I clicked on your blog post and here I am – bee bopping around the family room at 7 am. Thank you for jump starting my week with a one-two punch of awesome! – Rebecca

  2. Hildy–the Pointer Sisters–and Neutron Dance–are one of my faves for sweeping wooden floors (aka dancing w/ the broom) or rockin’ out on the Elipitical at the Y. Thank you for getting the motivation flowing this morning!