Friday Life Hack: Saving Gallons & Gallons of Water

Bucket in BathtubWe’re trying a new experiment at the blog – taking the next few Fridays to share some of the most useful life hacks I’ve found and adopted and loved. (The experiment part is this: If you like these posts, I’ll keep posting them. And if it doesn’t fit, we’ll chalk it up to learning what does fit!)

This week, in honor of California’s devastating drought, I want to share something I learned years ago from sustainability guru Shawna Coronado – a way to save gallons and gallons and gallons of water, every week.

Living in the Arizona desert, drought is life-as-usual. Kids in Arizona grow up appalled that there are actually people who let the water run while they brush their teeth. And so this particular trick hit very close to home!

Put a bucket under the tap when you’re waiting for the water to heat up – in the shower, when washing your hands or face, when doing the dishes, etc.

Then use that to water plants, or to provide water to pets, to fill birdbaths, for cleaning, etc.

When I first tried this, I was shocked at how much clean, fresh, usable water I was simply pouring down the drain. I don’t mean grey water; I mean pure clean water going straight down the drain. And here I had thought myself to be pretty water-conscious!

With this one simple step, I have kept my animals’ bowls filled, watered my houseplants, and depending on the season (i.e. how often I’m showering) even cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, just with the water I was previously letting run down the drain while the shower heated up.

Let me know what other uses you find for all that warming-up water.  And just as I’ve passed this tip along from Shawna, please pass it along to others – especially if they live in California!

Many thanks to WasteWearDaily for the photo.

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