Sculpture - Sad WomanWhen things feel like they’re falling apart, we so often reach for blame. It’s someone else’s fault. It’s our own fault. 

Perhaps it is their fault or our fault. Often, though, it’s really no one’s fault, hard as we battle to make that blame our truth. 

Because the real truth is that life is simply not dependable. Each of us is changing, evolving. Each of us is showing on the outside only a fraction of what we are experiencing on the inside. And all these changing growing feeling being lives are intertwined, deeply depending on each other for assignments and for companionship and for play and work and love.

I believe you are who you were yesterday, a year ago, a lifetime ago. I believe you are the fraction of your being that you show on the outside. You believe the same of me. And it simply isn’t so, for either of us, for any of us. 

It’s no one’s fault. It is simply life. 

And that is ok, because it just is.

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