What I Told a Reporter Who Asked about Cutting Thru the Noise

In the lead-up to the holiday-giving season, a reporter asked me about using guerilla tactics to cut through the noise in social media. He assumed the only reason change groups would use social media is for fundraising, and so he asked what “guerilla tactics” I would recommend. 

His assumptions didn’t prepare him for what I told him. (And not surprisingly he didn’t print what I told him. I’ll bet you can guess what he DID print, though…)

If you are seeing this in an email reader, click here to watch the 2 minute video.

3 Responses to What I Told a Reporter Who Asked about Cutting Thru the Noise

  1. Thanks for posting this, Hildy. A kind and gentle reminder to look around for those in closest proximity, who share our excitement for the change we hope to create in our communities (however we define “community”).

    I agree wholeheartedly that the ripples created by those relationships can create more intensive and long-lasting outcomes than all the ‘dancing around and jumping in the air’ that we sometimes do to be noticed. And I also find many people are building those connections, but disregarding their impact in their haste to create a big noise.

    Let’s keep asking one another, “with whom are you having juicy conversations these days?” Chances are, there’s the source of some really interesting relationships for the future.

  2. Oh my goodness, BEST question of the day!!!! (Probably the week and the month, too.) “With whom are you having juicy conversations these days?” Going to be tweeting that one right now. WOW!

  3. Noise is a total turn-off for me – whether it’s a restaurant, an event or invasive, repeated online messages. No one will get money from me that way. The only thing guerrilla tactics inspire me to do is find a way to block them.

    But it is amazing how connected I feel through social media to someone I’ve met even once, even if that once was through through Google Hangout. Now I want to know how they are affected by extreme weather conditions, and whether their sick pet recovers, and how the causes they care about are doing. If I can’t give, maybe I can at least promote those causes through sharing with people I know and they don’t yet know.

    Of, and if I haven’t met you but I see colleagues I respect connecting with you, I’ll start to care about your causes too.