Blog Roundup: December 2012

Roundup on the Sherman Ranch, Genesee, Kans. 1902

At the beginning of this year, this blog transitioned from being Creating the Future’s blog, to become what it is now: Hildy’s blog – a place where I can explore and rejoice and share what tickles me personally.

As for Creating the Future… well we now have six blogs (and one on the way), as well as a small and growing cadre of blog authors. And so, herewith, a round-up of the great stuff you’ll find at Creating the Future’s blogs. (And remember – if you like what you see there, subscribe to that blog. After this post, this will go back to being “Hildy’s blog.”)

Community Focus
To build healthy communities, that is where all our efforts need to focus. Here are a few of the posts you’ll find at our Community Focus to Create the Future blog.

Making Your Community More Resilient

Great Organizational Answers Come from Community Questions

If you think you’ve heard it all when it comes to leadership, think again. Because this blog is all about the types of Leadership that create the future of our communities!

Leading from the Middle: Bringing Out the Best in Everyone

Boards that Value Learning

From redefining fundraising and partnering to redefining how foundations and social investors do their work, we can’t create the future unless we redefine how that work is resourced. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll find at our Philanthropy that Creates the Future blog.

Redefining Partnership – What Do We Mean When We Say Partner?

Philanthropy’s Highest Potential is to Disappear

Do We Really Want Donations?

The Support is Mutual

Demonstrating What’s Possible
As a living laboratory, Creating the Future is also a living demonstration project – doing all its work out in the open, so we can all learn together. Our Walking the Talk to Create the Future blog is where we do all that work – from sharing what our board is considering to sharing prospective new programs – and a whole lot more.

Full Frontal Engagement
What if our board meetings and our planning sessions and our internal trainings and everything else we do were done online, allowing others to watch and/or participate?

Sharing What We Learn: Our Intellectual Property Policies

Minutes of all our board meetings
(These are not your father’s minutes – these are detailed descriptions of our board’s conversations, again so others can learn from those discussions)

If consultants are going to help organizations create the future of their communities, it will take rethinking what those consultants teach – and how they teach it. And we think this is so important, we actually have two blogs where that happens!

The first is our Consulting to Create the Future blog. Posts there include

Getting People to Change

The Problem with Being the Expert

Our second blog about consulting is directly related to the twitter chat for consultants and coaches to community benefit groups – the NPCons chat, a program of Creating the Future to facilitate learning among consultants. The blog for that chat houses not only the blog posts describing that month’s chat topics, but a complete archive of all past chats.

If you think one couldn’t possibly learn in only 140 characters, these chat archives may change your mind. Participants insist this is the best professional development they get every month (and the secret is that they learn from each others’ wisdom and exploration!). Find the NPCons blog here. 

If any of these blogs intrigue you, please subscribe to them directly.

Updates like this one will continue for the next month or so, but more often, you will begin to see posts that are just my own ramblings and explorations and are neither sanctioned by nor necessarily representative of the views of Creating the Future. (And in the next week or so, the name of this blog will officially change to reflect that change.)

Photo Credit: Author Unknown, per Wikimedia Commons

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