Let’s Make Stone Soup to Change the World

SoupWhat if all the people who care about your community were to gather  together, sharing everything they have to make it the most amazing place it could be?

What if everyone who cared about our planet were to gather together, sharing everything they have, to ensure our global home is healthy and strong in all ways – that we are able to live well individually and collectively?

What if everyone who cares about creating an amazing future for our world got together and said, “Hey let’s do this!”?

I’m not talking about “partnering” or “collaborating” – that sounds so small and exclusive, like you and I might get together privately and see what we can do, just us two.

SoupI’m talking about what might be possible if ALL of us who want a better world were to offer what we have, to put it into the pot to create a rich, multi-layered, surprising and delicious stone soup to create the world we want.

What would be possible if we stopped thinking small? And especially if we stopped thinking about fairness – about bringing our own stuff only after we see what everyone else brings. What would be possible if we just GIVE – and then give more?

Just those words alone send a feeling of creativity through my veins! 

SoupThat feeling that happens when we are giving so freely that everything we have just pours forth without our even thinking about it.  

That feeling that happens when everyone else around us is also giving freely, receiving freely, and then giving again, sharing the gifts we all have and often don’t even realize we have.

Imagine being energized as hell to build something amazing out of that, and to watch that new thing come alive, birthed of all our individual gifts and passions and energies combined!

So then here’s what I’m wondering…

What if we just showed up with our selves and our stuff. Our connections. Our knowledge. Our material possessions. Our talents, our treasures, our time.

What if we each put our stuff into that pot and stirred to create the world we want?

Which makes me wonder one more thing…

What talents, gifts, strengths, passions have you always wished someone would find useful?

What do you love to do, that you could add to the pot – writing or knitting or gardening or playing basketball? Connecting or playing with kids or jewelry making or remodeling houses? Are you passionate about math, or science or languages? History or neuroscience or accounting or golf or…?

What will you bring to the party, right here now?

What will you add to the soup?

Because I’m so ready to get going. Let’s start cooking up the world we want!

Soup Images by mhaller1979, yearofeats, and Hu Totya via Wikimedia Commons


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