The notebook
In need of a new journal,
I pulled an old spiral notebook
from the pile in the back of the closet.

Leftover from what I’m guessing was
Lizzie’s freshman year in high school,
the cover sports
     a hand-drawn Foo Fighters logo in bright blue ink
     and “I Y U2″ in black Sharpee

The back cover proclaims
what I can only assume
is a song lyric –
“You’re the last to hear the warning”
and then
in light pencil
tucked in a corner,
the words “Butt Monkey.”

Every morning,
this decade-old slice of my daughter’s life
makes me smile to remember
that 14 year old girl, who,
in exploring her place in the world,
left behind a few blank pages
for me to explore my own place here as well.

2 Responses to Recycled

  1. Ahh, my own prayer was informed this morning by your recognition of the soul’s need for a “blank page” … so may it be so that we respect and offer space for one another’s creative necessity. Thank you for that under-appreciated recognition.

  2. Gary – I have an empty picture frame hanging on my bulletin board to remind me that I can fill it with whatever I want, all the time. Like all things on a bulletin board, I forget it’s there. Thanks for reminding me to see that blank page and open frame.