Blog Roundup: Creating the Future’s New Blogs

Roundup on the Sherman Ranch, Genesee, Kans. 1902As we transition this blog to become Hildy’s blog (vs. Creating the Future’s blogs), we will share highlights of what is going on at those other blogs. If you find these topics interesting, please link to those blogs and subscribe there!

There are two new posts at the blog Philanthropy that Creates the Future:

Philanthropy as “Love of Humanity”
If we assume that “philanthropist = donor,” are we suggesting that only those of means can “love humanity”? What would it make possible if that were not the case?

Do We Really Want “Donations”?
Do the unspoken assumptions in this sector’s requests for donations actually harm our ability to create the world we want?

What Creates Miracles?
Regardless of one’s faith or lack thereof, most of us doing community benefit work have witnessed “miracles” – someone appearing with what we need, just when we need it the most. But are these really “miracles” or are they something more practical and reliable?

There is one new post at the blog Consulting that Creates the Future:

Faculty Qualifications
As Creating the Future seeks to expand its training programs, to make it as easy to find a local workshop on “How to Be the Change You Want to See” as it is to find workshops about fundraising or boards, we’re seeking qualified teachers for those courses. Which raises the question: What qualifications would we need?”

Walking the Talk
There is one new post at the blog Walking the Talk to Create the Future:

Being Human
Just a few words of reassurance – words that let someone know, “I believe in you” – can make all the difference in the world.

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Updates like this one will continue for the next month or so, but more often, you will begin to see posts that are just my own ramblings and explorations and are neither sanctioned by nor necessarily representative of the views of Creating the Future. (And in the next week or so, the name of this blog will officially change to reflect that change.)

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