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A World Living Together HarmoniouslyWith only 2 days left before Creating the Future’s first Scholarship Fund Campaign closes, we are going to do something we rarely do at this blog:

We are asking for your help as we head into the final stretch.

  • If you get excited about the possibilities we discuss here at this blog – and you want everyone to know how to create those possibilities in their communities – your gift to the scholarship fund will help make that happen. Donate here
  • If you have experienced Creating the Future’s work in other venues – perhaps a workshop or the NPCons Twitter chat or even this blog – and you want to create opportunities for deeper learning for yourself and your colleagues, your donation to the scholarship fund will help make that happen.  Donate here
  • And if you want to attend one of our immersion courses yourself – whether our new ED / Social Entrepreneur class or our consultants class – and you want that scholarship fund to be there for you… well your donation will help make that happen as well.  Donate here

Immersion CourseTo prove how instantly individuals and organizations “become the communities they want to see,” one of the graduates of our courses has offered a dollar-for-dollar match up to $1,750 – the amount of one full tuition. With her generous gift, she told us this:

“I’d love to make it possible for someone to have the wonderful experience I had in the immersion course.”

Your gift will make a huge difference – not just for the individuals who attend the courses, but most importantly, for the communities they are impacting.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to Creating the Future’s graduates tell their own stories!
(If you are viewing this via email or a reader, and the video doesn’t appear, click here to view this post online. You won’t want to miss these stories!!)

By clicking through to donate to the scholarship fund, you will be giving a changemaker the tools to create significantly better results in their communities.  Donate here

And there are only 2 days left to make that happen.

Thanks for your support and your excitement about the work Creating the Future is doing. And I promise, next post, we’ll be back to the stuff you love about this blog.

Many thanks to Alex Budak and Tom Dawkins from Start Some Good, for including this scholarship fund in the launch of their crowdfunding site. You are both doing amazing work, and we are honored to be part of it.

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