Monday Morning Rock Out!

It’s Monday. What will you model to those who are watching you this week?

Pollyanna Principle #4 says that “Being the change we want to see” means walking the talk of our values.” Gandhi’s words do not tell us what to do to change the world; on the contrary, they tell us that it is how we be in the world that makes the biggest difference of all.

How we comport ourselves, the things we say – the things we think. If we say kind things, giving people the benefit of the doubt, we are being role models to those around us.

If our conversations come from a place of fear and separateness, if those words ripple into hatred, into bigotry and bullying – we are being role models to those around us then as well.

If you cannot see the video in your reader, click here to watch it online.

As we consider moving past the intolerance that is growing everywhere around us, let’s aim towards our highest potential as a species – beyond mere “tolerance” and “inclusion.”

Let’s reach for kindness – embracing, nurturing, joyful kindness. Even and especially to those with whom we disagree.

“Hate never dispelled hate,” said the buddha. “Only love dispells hate.”

So teach love. Teach kindness. Teach it not with just your words, but with your whole being.

Because being the change we want to see means walking the talk of our values.

Have a great Monday, and a great week, all!

For a pull-no-punches, modern day, Sarah Silverman version of this message, click here.

2 Responses to Monday Morning Rock Out!

  1. Thank you as always for the timely and thoughtful comments. I’ve been thinking about this lately with all of the recent headlines about bullying. It is no surprise that young people don’t think it is wrong to publicly humiliate another person when we are constantly bombarded with hateful and derogatory speech by politicians, news programs, and other forms of political media. As you quoted from Buddha “Only love dispels hate.”

  2. Hear, hear! This weekend, with my daughter’s religious education class, we participated in Friday night services at a Jewish Temple and Sunday community activities and afternoon prayers at a Muslim Mosque. (we are Unitarian Universalists) We were so warmly greeted, so engagingly invited to conversation, and left with new connections and memorable experiences. Through this whole curriculum exploring neighboring faiths, each tradition teaches to love and care for each other. Regardless of our own beliefs and practices, we can break down the fear and get to know each other as humans.