Aiming with Clear Intent

Tom KellyHow can we create healthy, vibrant communities  if we don’t aim at creating those results? That rhetorical question seemed to linger in the air throughout my entire interview with Tom Kelly this month.

Tom is the Associate Director for Evaluation at the Annie E. Casey Foundation. And in my latest podcast for the Chronicle of Philanthropy, he explains the importance of organizations aiming with clear intent at the results they will hold themselves accountable for achieving.

I confess I finished the interview, looked at Dimitri and said, “This is why I love doing this program!”  When I was writing The Pollyanna Principles, it was clear to me that the most critical part of “results” was aiming – so much so that Pollyanna Principle #1 became “We accomplish what we hold ourselves accountable for.”

Tom’s 20 year career in evaluation sure bears that out!  His stories of what happens when we hold ourselves accountable to the community, for making life healthy and joyful – well see for yourself!

You can listen to the interview streaming online, or download it to your MP3 player and listen on the way to work (or as you’re working out).

Once you’ve listened, please join the discussion that is in progress at LinkedIn, where we will dive into the question of just what it is organizations are holding themselves accountable for.   (If you have not already joined the Making Change group at LinkedIn, you can join the group AND the conversation at this link.)  The discussion is appropriately labeled Accountability for What?
I can’t wait to hear what you think after listening to this terrific interview, and I am deeply grateful to Tom for taking the time to share his tremendous experience and perspective with us all.

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