“Nonprofits” Standing Tall

Last week, Rush Limbaugh broadened his hateful message to include those of us working throughout the Community Benefit Sector.

During his August 12 broadcast, Rush Limbaugh said that nonprofit employees are “lazy idiots” and “rapists in terms of finance and the economy.”

I have been waiting for a rebuttal, knowing I could count on one from my friend and colleague, Robert Egger – founder of the DC Central Kitchen and in-your-face advocate for the work this sector does.

Robert did not disappoint. If you are looking for someone to help cheer you on as you do your work today, I promise Robert will get your blood pumping. (Update: Video has been updated from the one originally posted. See the comments for details.)

I am now even more proud that I asked Robert to be the first guest for my podcast at the Chronicle. To listen to his views on the power this sector has to change the world, you can grab that here at iTunes. (Click on the entry called “Making a Difference” from 5/5/10.)

Thank you, Robert – for your enthusiastic advocacy for every single person working to build a better world!

4 Responses to “Nonprofits” Standing Tall

  1. I was with him right up until the “one-word message” at the end. That ruined it for me. No matter how angry we get, we are better than that. I wanted to post this on my Facebook page but won’t be doing that as I find that so offensive.

  2. Susan and Marcia:
    I thought a lot about this video before posting it. And your two comments exemplify why I chose to do so.

    It has me thinking on many many levels, and rather than post that in the comments here, I have created a new post titled, “What Place Anger?”

    That post is here: http://hildygottlieb.com/2010/08/19/what-place-anger/

    I hope you will both help me unravel that question.

  3. I have updated the video here, as Robert has updated it at YouTube, to delete the offensive portions. To see the original, head to the link in my comment above.