Monday Morning Rock Out

Hildy's Birthday 1959This is a special Rock Out. Not that they’re not all special, but this week is a bit different.

First, this week is the mid-point of my semi-sabbatical. I wish I could say I’ve holed up doing nothing but writing and exploring. But having decided to do this only 2 weeks prior to doing it, I couldn’t magically make all my work vanish.

So yes, I am spending hours every day writing & reading & thinking & exploring.

I am also tying up loose ends for our corporate taxes. And working on a project for a coaching client. And planning a new consultants workshop we’ll be doing in Los Angeles next month.

So that’s the first special thing this week – seeing that I can incorporate into my worklife huge swaths of time for writing and thinking and being. That all it takes is my intending to do so – holding myself accountable.

WOW! Suddenly it is the first day of my sabbatical all over again, because every day can be the first day of my sabbatical! Every day I can get my “real work” done while giving myself loads more time to do the REAL “real work.”

I feel empowered. I feel energized. All while preparing our taxes. Wow. This is the first day of my life.

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The other reason this week’s Rock Out is special is this: This week is my birthday.

In my early twenties, I realized I could make my birthday last a full week simply by adding these words to everything I wanted to do: “You have to – it’s my birthday.”

Ice cream sodas for lunch, afternoons at Larchmont Park, evenings at Rye Playland, nights in a divey local bar. My friends indulged a full week of playtime, birthed by the words. “You have to – it’s my birthday.”

It’s been 30 years since I’ve felt my birthday in every cell of my being. Suddenly, though, at age 53, every day feels like the first day of my life.

So let’s celebrate!

First, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you to celebrate by helping us build Creating the Future. Whether it’s 53¢ or $53 or $53,000 (a girl can dream…) – please click on the button in the right-hand column, to help support this movement for being the change we want to see.

But that doesn’t hold a (birthday) candle to what I really want.

What I really want is that you consider the things you wish you had time to do. And right now, hold yourself accountable for doing them – starting today. Because this is the first day of your life, too.

So do it now. You have to – it’s my birthday.

Have a great Monday, and a great week, all!

Photo: Me & my Aunt Gul

13 Responses to Monday Morning Rock Out

  1. Ditto. A great big HUGE Happy Birthday Hildy! Your influence, first via Charity Channel and now via Twitter and your blog (not to mention the Pollyanna Principles) has made me the fundraiser and change agent I am today. THANK YOU!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Hildy – we are all at a better place having met and or listening to you. You bring such energy to a sometime difficult climb. 🙂

  3. Happy B-day, fellow birthday-week-make-it-last girl! Greetings from another classic edition from ’57. I turn 53 on Wednesday, so just returned from the Red Cross where I gave blood this afternoon. On my birthday several years ago, I decided I wanted to do something I had never done before….and to try to make it something that was somehow more “noble” instead of self-serving. I thought of giving blood, which I had tried in college but didn’t meet the minimum weight requirement! Of course, that’s NO problem now in middle age! 🙂 So…..I try to give blood several times each year now, associating it with special birthdays like my husband, kids & parents. Just trying to create a better future for somebody I’ll never even meet! Keep up the good work!

  4. I should tell you I declare the first two weeks of November My birthday. Its what we socialchange divas do. Yes, i said 2 weeks. Just a little something to think about.

  5. Happy Birthday Hildy! Great points about time and accountability. In the end, we all have the same amount of time (no one’s getting more than 24 hours in a day no matter how hard we beg!) and we’re ultimately accountable to ourselves for how we spend it. Now get out there and celebrate!

  6. Happy, happy birthday! Lovely post and my bday promise to you is to write more, more for me, more for the world and my vision. Thanks for the bday gift to me, since that’s what this is. And thanks for all your guidance and love!

  7. Wow – thank you all so much for this! I’m smiling at all of it. Lovely lovely lovely and then lovely again.

    A huge smile to share with you in the form of my eyes welling up. The first person to donate on behalf of my birthday is the person I referred to in this post a while back – the person who wanted to donate to our name change, but who had to instead save every possible penny for her partner’s surgery.

    Their gift on behalf of my birthday was $2.12 – 4 times my age. When we were raising money for the name change, every $3 and $5 gift touched me so deeply. When people have little and share what they do have – well how can one not be moved?

    So thank you all for your wishes, for your commitments to write and be with your own lives, and for your donations. I am touched to tears.

  8. Psssssst… Hildy!

    At age 45, Kelly now has birthday MONTHs! From December 24th to January 24th – EVERY YEAR! I’ve also adopted the practice, which means that we are partying in the months of June and July too! So stretch out your week to 30 whole days, and imagine the possibilities!

    And thanks for sharing such a tremendously moving video. Imagine me making a heart and pointing at you and whispering “I love her”…