The Future and a Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie: Grasp Opportunities to Create the FutureWhat a ride we’ve been on! As you all encouraged in the blog post that started all this, 30 days ago we set out to raise $9,500 to purchase the domain names and

And I confess that when we started this final week of the campaign with just $3,500, we were more than a little nervous. Not only was that a far cry from the $9,500 purchase price – it was only a bit more than half the amount that would give us the maneuverability our contracts provided.

But you guys did it!  As of several minutes ago, we passed the $5,000 mark – and with that, the ability to move forward to close on those names!

We are humbled and honored and blown away by how much you all believe in us. The economy sucks, times are hard, and yet folks from countries all over the world chipped in to make this happen.  (And only in one case was that the direct mandate of a lunchtime fortune cookie. Thank you, Carlarose, for the cookie AND the gift!)

We are dancing in our chairs, and it is all because of you.  Tomorrow we will begin working with the folks who own the domains you all bought.  And hopefully next week, we will transfer those names and start using them to do precisely what the fortune cookie ordered!

So thank you, one and all. Thank you for the encouragement and excitement you showed as I updated almost hourly at Facebook and Twitter.  And thank you for making this all possible.

Imagine the future we are all about to create together!!

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