Creating the Future – Update!

Creating the Future logo

After all the discussion that led to our name change, it’s here!

What do you think?  Dimitri has been working to create a logo that matches the name you all helped us find.

We are pretty excited about the simplicity, the sense of action, and the connection to the thing that matters most – creating the future of our world!

Which brings us to the future that is coming up fast: Friday is our deadline for the campaign to purchase the domain names and .com.

To date, we have raised $3,500. (Updated total as of 10am PT 7/10 – $5,238.00) The contract price for both domains combined is $9,500.  And while our contracts allow some maneuvering room if we don’t make that goal, we need to have a total of $5,000 to be able to do that maneuvering! 

Will you help us?

When this campaign is done, we’ll be publishing a white paper about the process we used to both find the name and decide what path to take re: the URLs.

Because the most exciting thing about this campaign is not the name change itself (which we are pretty excited about) but our experiment in open, transparent decision-making.

Two different groups have already told us that they have major decisions coming up, and that they are using what we’re doing as a model for those decisions. Talk about exciting… this is the whole point of doing a demonstration project!

So to all of you who have helped us make this decision, thank you.

To all who have donated to help us secure our online address, thank you as well.

And to those who have benefited from the work we do – through our classes and online discussions, through this blog, through our podcasts and videos and articles – please help us move forward, so we can all move forward together.

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