Funders Can Change the World

What would it take for foundations to create more impact in their communities?  That is the question I asked Kathleen Enright, CEO of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations during the latest edition of my podcast for The Chronicle of Philanthropy – Making Change.

This 25 minute podcast unpacks layer upon layer of the forces that can move foundations to create more significant social change.

Kathleen and I talked about moving from the traditional “transactional” relationship between grantees and funders, to a more equal partnership.  We talked about “Network Weaving” – leveraging the power of one network to influence and integrate with other networks, to bring more and more people into the mix.

And we talked about the need to create new infrastructure and systems to support all that work.

You can listen to that podcast streaming online, or download it to your MP3 player and listen on the way to work (or as you’re working out).

Stream here from the Chronicle’s site.

Download here from iTunes

Once you’ve listened, please join the discussion that is in progress at LinkedIn – digging deeper into what all those issues make possible, and what it would take to create that change of mindset!  (If you have not already joined the Making Change group at LinkedIn, you can join the group AND the conversation at this link. )

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. What would it take to make the funder / grantee relationship the most beneficial it can be for our communities?

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