Creating the Future

So much of the discussion of yesterday’s Name Change blog post happened in the comments, that I’m making this a separate post.  If you haven’t read those comments, please do so here.  The conversation truly took my breath away.

In that discussion you will see that we are going to move forward to raise money to purchase the domain names and .com.

The combined asking prices for both names is $9,500.  That said, the owners know this is a charitable effort and that we will have to raise the money for the purchase. Our contracts allow for flexibility depending on monies we are able to raise, so we are encouraged about what is possible.

So now we have just a few weeks to raise as close to that amount as we can.  We hope you will click here to help us do that!

Please know how much your participation in this discussion has meant to us. We are all creating the future, with everything we do.

And we are going to kick butt together. How fun is that?!

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