Making Change!

Chronicle of Philanthropy MastheadIt has been pretty exciting around here lately.  We are kicking butt on our goals for the year, and it all seems to be happening at once. If you hung out in our office, you’d hear the word Wow a lot.

Obviously we have been making dramatic progress on renaming the Institute, which goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to make the Institute itself a demonstration project in transparent engagement. So on those two fronts, Wow!

It is the 3rd goal area that has us excited today – the goal of engaging a higher level dialogue throughout the sector. As I noted in the post that laid out our goals for 2010, our aim is simple: To change the dominant conversation from a focus on accountability to donors (and the overall means we use to do our work)  to a focus on the results we all want –  creating visionary community / global change.

Which is why I am excited to share that I have been working with the Chronicle of Philanthropy to launch a new effort – a monthly podcast called Making Change that is focused on the question, “What creates social change?” In organizations that are creating incredible, visionary change in their communities, what are those organizations doing that is different from the rest?  Every month I will be interviewing change leaders, asking them variations on that very question.

So are you ready for today’s big WOW? The debut program of Making Change aired today!  I was thrilled to have as my guest Robert Egger, founder of the DC Central Kitchen and most recently founder of the V3 Campaign, which stands for the Voice, Value and Votes this sector represents.  So click below and listen!

I know you will be energized when you listen. And I hope you will join the discussion that is starting at the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s LinkedIn group, to continue elevating this sector’s dialogue to focus on the only thing that matters – making a difference.

I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to work with the Chronicle on this project – and with Peter Panapento in particular.  But even more, I am heartened that the Chronicle is excited about the idea.  Because as Robert talks about in the podcast, the idea is far more powerful in the long run than any one project or program could be.

The subject of the podcast is “What creates change?” which gets to the heart of why we are all doing this work – making a difference.  The information at the link provides more info.

(In answer to the question several people have asked, the podcast will be available on iTunes in the next few days. Send me a note if you want me to notify you when that happens.)

One Response to Making Change!

  1. Congratulations Hildy, and do please let me know when you’re available in iTunes, or even via RSS, which I can then drag into iTunes.

    While doing the market research for this podcast, did you find other audio sources that focus on community building?

    We have a Videos page* on Our Blocks where we collect educational and inspirational videos about building community, but haven’t found podcasts/audio that have this focus.

    Thanks; Leo