Thursday Morning Rock Out!

It’s been fun to watch the reaction to this week of motivating tunes. Many people have contacted me here and elsewhere to thank me for putting a charge in their day.  Many have taken that one step further, sharing the blog posts with others – via Facebook and Twitter and email.

Some have noted that the YouTube videos don’t show up in their email (hint – click through to the blog and you’ll see them all!).

And then there are those who have chosen to unsubscribe from the blog.  (If you’re considering doing so based solely on this week’s series of posts, hang on – we’ll be back to normal next week.)

Whether they are enjoying this week of kick-butt music or they wish we’d get back to discussing the things that create a better world, the one thing folks reading this blog have always held in common is their firm belief in a vision of what’s possible.

From the amazing list of tunes you all recommended to me when I needed them last week, the first is about that clear vision.

To keep moving forward to create the world we all want takes something more than vision, though.  It takes the belief, down to our toes, that we can indeed create that world.

And we can, of course. Because unless something is physically impossible, it is possible.

Have a great Thursday, all. Tomorrow will wrap up this grab-your-power soundtrack the very best way I know how – in humble yet kick-butt gratitude.

Many thanks to Pam Baker for suggesting “I Can See Clearly,” and to Stacey Monk, for almost apologetically suggesting, “perhaps it’s lame and old-school, but Journey always works for me.” It works for all of us, Stacey!

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