Friday Rock Out!

Sign: Happy Life Mall

Last week, when I was facing the frustration of watching my mom suffer while the insurance company fiddled, I posted this request on Facebook:

“Seriously in need of music recommendations to remind me of the control I DO have. What music makes you feel like you can accomplish anything?”

The response was so overwhelming – 28 comments with tons of suggestions at Facebook, people emailing me and tweeting me favorite kick-butt tunes, folks posting songs at their own Facebook status with notes of kindness attached.

This week’s Grab-Your-Power Soundtrack has been a small gift from my heart of gratitude.  But it doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.

I am grateful for the music, for the support, for the energy people have sent from around the world. I am grateful that my mom is healing and will be well by the time I return from Australia (where I will be throughout the middle of May).

And more than anything, I am grateful that you are all lending that same energy and kindness and spirit to the work you are doing to make our planet a better place to live.

It is an honor to walk alongside you.

Today’s musical suggestion of Natalie Merchant came from Rick Carter, who added the suggestion that you check out the TED talk she did, putting old children’s poetry to music. It is brilliant. Perfect for a small Friday diversion.

Thanks go to the following people for providing far more great music than I could have included in this week full of song.
Judy Kinney
Marcia White
Rebecca Henderson
Ericka Hines
Janet Gottlieb
Sue Smith
Sara Hammond
Alexis Moreno
Mike Serres
Carolyn Monjoi
Kirsten Grabo
Jonathan Abramson
Pam Baker
Carlarose Lane
Dahna Willis
Trae Ashlie-Garen
Steve Jennings
Rick Carter
Allison Titcomb
Stacey Monk
Kesha Dawson
Alison Rapping
and John Haydon

You guys completely rock my world.

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