Wednesday Humpday Rock Out!

This week of Rocking Out has been so energizing! Given that the impetus for this week of musical posts has been my month of dealing with what passes for “healthcare” and “eldercare” here in the U.S., that energy has been an incredible gift.

Tuesday we got good news. My mom is improving and has been admitted to a skilled nursing facility where she will get physical therapy and will hopefully soon be back home, walking 3 miles a day as she was doing before she fell.

Combine that with a great Twitter chat yesterday for consultants to Community Benefit Organizations, and there is no one and nothing that could ruin my mood (and goodness knows those demons tried – this is still the healthcare system we’re talking about!).

The assortment of music that was suggested for uplifting my spirits last week was so eclectic. Yet regardless of genre, these tunes were all accompanied by almost the exact same recommendation – folks sharing how the music gave them strength, power, hope.

It is clear from just three days of powerful tunes that whoever says the arts are superfluous must not live on this planet. The arts are what make us ok when we’re not, and make us better when we’re already fine.

So on this Wednesday, take a lesson from Ms. Streisand. Remember what your purpose is, and do not let anything stop you.  And tomorrow, I’ll be back with more of this grab-your-power soundtrack for creating the future of our world!

Many thanks to Ericka Hines for today’s tune, which she suggested with the following: “This is my all time, I am gonna kick your ass song. And it is Barbra S…she gives a girl strength!!

One Response to Wednesday Humpday Rock Out!

  1. Well, of course I just had to listen and do the same thing I do when I hear the song: Start airsinging and doing jazz hands with all my might. And watch out when i hear it multiple times: I get REALLY PUMPED!

    My favorite part (ignoring gun use)-
    “I wanna live and live now, get what I want, I know how, one pull for the whole shebang, one giant bell will go clang, I own the target and now, one gunshot, one gunshot and BAM!”

    Thanks for continuing to gently KICK ASS!