Tuesday Morning Rock Out! (Yes, Tuesday!)

As I promised yesterday, this week I am sharing with you all the wonderful gifts that were shared with me last week – music to bring out the spirit in you when you’re not sure you have any spirit left.

If it’s spirit you’re looking for, there is nothing like these two masterpieces to bring our spirits out into the open, cheering and stomping and feeling strong.

Dvork’s New World Symphony was written in 1893. They say when it was first performed at Carnegie Hall, the audience spontaneously broke into thunderous applause between movements – a no no in the classical world – to the point where Dvorak, sitting in the audience, was forced to bow at each point. (I admit, it makes me want to do that when I hear it just sitting in my living room!)

And now, from almost a century later…

Two VERY different approaches, but so much in common! They stand the test of time – the first for over 100 years, the second for a mere 30 years – because you cannot listen to either without feeling ALIVE!

So take that energy, and get out there and do something grand. Create an amazing Tuesday, and aim that Tuesday at creating one heck of a future for our world!

This week’s Grab-Your-Power Soundtrack for creating the future of our world continues with Wednesday’s Rock Out post here.

Thanks to Steve Jennings for reminding me of the power of Dvorak. And thanks to Carlarose Lane for suggesting, “Along with the kick-butt girl-power lyrics of vintage disco, you just gotta move your booty and shake loose that funk you’re in!” You both totally rock!

One Response to Tuesday Morning Rock Out! (Yes, Tuesday!)

  1. Hildy,

    Thanks for the Dvorak shout out.

    Watching my son William (who turns 13 this coming Thursday, 29 April) playing his trumpet in a brass band version of New World Symphony is an emotional highlight of my life 🙂

    This was my first encounter with Dvorak and New World Symphony. The famous 1973 Hovis advertisement from the UK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Mq59ykPnAE