Monday Morning Rock Out!

Richard Avedon - The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Waldorf Astoria, Suite 28A, New YorkIt’s Monday! So what’s your story?

If you’re going to create the future of your community, it had better be a good one – a dynamite story, a great way to share it. So, whatcha got?

Yesterday I watched a story unfold, the very narrative of which talked to the power of sharing other stories. A group of volcano-stranded people in London, many of whom had been at the Skoll World Forum, gathered to create a live-streamed impromptu TED event – TEDxVolcano.  Is that not a story in itself?

At that event, though, a theme to which people kept returning was the stuff at the heart of the “power of stories.”  The power to galvanize people, to engage them, to change the way we think… to change the course of history.

There are a million ways to tell a story.  So – watcha got?

These days, we have ways to share video and slides, text stories and podcasts. We have blogs and we have Facebook and we have Twitter and we have…

But none of it means anything if we don’t figure out what the story is, and then tell that story in a way that will inspire and encourage and engage people to take action.

MoMA’s story is art. A ton of art, the accessibility of the art, the breadth of the art. The ability to see and be wrapped up in the art. I am disappointed (but not surprised) that this video wasn’t made by MoMA but by an art student, because it is such a simple, unpretentious way to quietly shout, “MoMA is somewhere to get lost in a sea of amazing art.”  It makes me want to fly to New York – to take action.

So what’s your story? And more to the point, how will you share it in a way that makes people want to take action?  Because we are creating the future, you and me and the rest of us. That story is a powerful one indeed.  So let’s get out there and tell it!

Have a great Monday and a great week, all!

Photo from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art: Richard Avedon – The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Waldorf Astoria, Suite 28A, New York. If ever a photo was telling a story…

3 Responses to Monday Morning Rock Out!

  1. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve asked *the* question, Hildy.

    We have all these amazing communication tools (and plenty of great folks teaching us how to use them).

    But what really counts is the quality of the stories we tell with those tools. That’s where I’m putting my attention to learning, practicing, sharing — thanks for reinforcing that focus.


  2. Awesome post as usual Hildy.

    Storytelling is the number one resource nonprofits have. And yet it’s not “the” story – it’s the storieS. When I’m writing for the web I use different stories than those I use for the individual appeal … and it’s not one story for the individual appeal, it’s two, sometimes three or even five stories. Likewise with a grant proposal.

    A great video I saw just last week on storytelling can be found here: