Monday Morning Rock Out!

AucklandHello from New Zealand!

The first week into our month of teaching and learning here has been incredible, with wonderful spirit guides teaching us about the culture and wisdom of a land seemingly the same and yet very different from our home.

Most of the words mean the same as ours, while some are very different indeed.  Some expressions match up, and some mean just the opposite.

And the sound of the language? It’s as if someone shook up a dictionary and said, “You on this side of the world – you will use vowels like this. And you, on the other side – you will use them entirely differently.  Now run along together and try to make sense of it all…”

As we learned in Indian Country years ago, and again learned with all the work we did in various regions across Mexico, the dance of cross-cultural work is enormously engaging, enormously fulfilling, enormously fun.  Like a Rube Goldberg machine, though, sometimes we never know when the ball will roll off the track, creating unintended comedy or tragedy depending on where it lands…

In our immersion classes, we teach consultants to trust the wisdom in the room. To share stories and to ask questions that elicit the stories of others. To listen, free of judgment, so we can help others find their own wisdom.  And more than anything, to celebrate what is possible, always raising the bar higher for ourselves and for everyone around us, because our collective potential for changing our world is boundless beyond boundless.

Here in New Zealand this month, we will be listening. We will be sharing stories and appreciating the stories told by others.  We will be asking questions, and then asking more questions.

And just like the huge cheering crew who celebrated the paintball finish to the video, we, too, will be celebrating what is possible when all of us focus together on the world we want for our grandkids and their grandkids.

As you head out into this week, I hope you will take a moment to celebrate all the people who make your work possible and whose lives are touched by the work you do.

Have a great Monday and a great week, all!

While I will be blogging the big stuff here at Creating the Future, I will be blogging our day-to-day travel adventures here at Posterous.

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