Monday Morning Rock Out!

BlahBlahThese days life so often hands me what I need the moment I need it, that I should probably stop being surprised each time that surprises me.  Today’s Monday Morning Rock Out is a case in point.

This week at the Community-Driven Institute, we will begin the process of developing a new name – one that better reflects what the Institute is about.  As the brilliant strategist Zach Braiker suggests, a name should describe “the outcome for which we want to be renowned.”  The name Community-Driven Institute falls short of that mark and then some.

The energy of last week’s immersion course hammered home for us the need for straight-forward, direct language for the work we are doing. We are making visionary social change practical and doable. Our name has to say that – short and sweet and exciting!

Without knowing that I was preparing for this week’s conversations, my Twitter friend, writer David B. Dale, sent me this video.  Clearly the gods are doing their best to keep me on the path…

Grant writing and policy papers and web language and jargon upon jargon upon jargon.  Enough!

Words have power if we use powerful words.

There are, right now, corporations and individuals making a lot of money and gaining a lot of power by being direct in their language.  That language, filled with hate and fear and ignorance, is powerful in large part because it paints simple pictures in plain words.

If social change is to happen, words matter. We need to meet people where they are – in their experience, in their dreams, and especially in their language.

So get out there this week and tell it like it is. Directly. Simply. Honestly. With the power that comes from authenticity.

Look out world, we’re coming – and we bring words as clear as our actions.

Have a great Monday, and a great week, all!

If you are not following Zach Braiker and David B. Dale on Twitter, go right now and do so.

9 Responses to Monday Morning Rock Out!

  1. David:
    Thank you – for your humbling words, and for introducing me to Elspeth. I have heard this video perhaps 2 dozen times since you shared it with me, and each time it stops me in my tracks. I cannot wait to hear/see/read more of her work. (But then I feel that about the tiny novels you write as well!)

  2. Thanks for this topic Hildy! This was a great way to start my week off. Your point about being direct with our language really resonates with me. I’m taking this to heart as I get ready to do some of my own writing today.

    Thanks again!


  3. After close to 20 years doing communications work for environmental and conservation organizations, including the very most “sophisticated” … well, don’t get me started about jargon and multidisciplinary stakeholder groups and leaving the reader clueless!

    Great video. Great thinking. I’m on the case.

  4. What a wonderful reminder to keep communications clear. Off to rework my blog post to speak to the reader 🙂