Monday Morning Rock Out!

Welcome to the first Rock Out of 2010!

And what better way to begin the year than to stretch beyond the comfort zone, encouraging everyone around you to join you in celebrating what’s possible?

The easiest way to reach your own highest potential is to help those you know reach for their own highest potential.

So stand up right now, walk over to the first person you see (yes, even if it’s your dog), and give them a high five.

We extend to you our own high five – for waking up, for being alive, for surviving 2009 and for joining us as we head boldly into 2010.

Have a great Monday, a great week, and a great year, one and all!

This week’s Rock Out is dedicated to Beth Kanter, who is celebrating her birthday today. Beth gives all of us high-five encouragement every day, as a mentor and colleague and teacher. Happy Birthday, Beth!

Many thanks to Colleen Smith for posting this video at her blog, and to Nancy White for pointing me to it via Twitter!

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