Happy New Year!

Light through glass

I am not a New Year’s party-goer.  Perhaps by my age, most of us aren’t New Years party-goers.

Instead, for perhaps the past 15 years or so, I have had the same New Years ritual.  I shoot the sun going down on the old year, and the sun rising on the New Year.

I like the reflection that gives me – the cycles, the change, the fact that really New Years is just another day in a year that allows us to make resolutions every single day.

We are, after all, creating the future with everything we do, every minute of every day.

So Happy New Year, one and all. I hope you will take time to reflect on what you accomplished in 2009.  Yes, it was a tough year, but you accomplished a ton.  Write it down and celebrate what was good, strong, forward-moving.

And then let’s get to work on all we will accompilsh together in 2010.  I cannot wait to get started.

Photos: First and last light on 2009

Sunset Saguaro 2009 NewYears Eve

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