Monday Morning Rock Out!

Stop sign

It’s Monday, and I’m starting this week with a nagging question: What’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you from making a huge, visionary, significant difference in your community? And if you think the answer is the economy or your board or a million other answers, I hope Mark Horvath’s story will cause you to stop and reconsider.

Mark Horvath has been on the adventure of his life – traveling the U.S. alone, documenting and sharing and engaging people in the issue of homelessness.

Mark is not a young kid out of college, on furlough between school and life.  Neither is he a documentarian on a stipend.

Mark is a breath away from homelessness himself right now, feeling blessed to have a tiny apartment that will hopefully still be his when he returns. Not too long ago, that apartment was a dream; Mark was living on the streets, just like the people he is now documenting.

In towns across the U.S., Mark is talking to people who are living in tent cities and on the streets. He is connecting with them and documenting their stories.  (You can see the videos Mark has posted so far at his website here.)

Last Friday, due entirely to the attention Mark’s trip is generating, all the homeless services and local reporters convened in a northwest Arkansas community. Mark joined them on that community’s first-ever media tour of homeless services.

A nearly homeless man documenting the stories of homelessness in America and convening the powers that be to talk about what is possible. A man who, with little more than a sponsored Ford, a video camera, and bags full of socks to help ease a bit of suffering, is roaming the country to connect all of us to the reality that homelessness is not what happens to “other people.” It is us – each and every one of us.

And that brings me back to my question. What’s stopping you from getting out there and making something happen in your own community?

Right now – stand up. Push your chair away from your desk and get out of your office.

Right now, stop talking about making stuff happen in your community. Get out where the people are and make it happen.

Go ahead – do it.  Because your community is counting on you!

Have a great Monday and a great week, all!

2 Responses to Monday Morning Rock Out!

  1. Thanks for the wake up call this morning! This coming weekend, Guthrie and I are picking out a bunch of old toys to bring over to the local shelter.