Pollyanna Meets Wikipedia

Wikipedia logoWe all know that old quip, “It must be true – I read it in the paper.”

If there is anywhere that line definitely applies, it is at Wikipedia!

And so we are asking for your help.

At Wikipedia right now, you can find a great first stab at an article about The Pollyanna Principles. The principles are there, and a bit about governance based on those principles.

But there is nothing about planning. There is nothing about all the approaches to building and sustaining strong programs. And there is nothing about leveraging all those approaches to create strong communities.

Fortunately, Wikipedia is open for anyone to edit. And so we are inviting the world to take a stab at making that article as accurate as possible!

If you’ve read the book, if you’ve seen the video, if you’ve heard me speak about these topics – please help us make that Wikipedia page the best it can be.

Remember: Wikipedia is open to the public, for anyone to edit.  Signing up is as easy as signing up for Facebook.  From there, you can edit anything you know a lot about.

And if there is one thing readers here know a lot about, it is The Pollyanna Principles!

So please help us make the Wikipedia article about The Pollyanna Principles as accurate as possible. Then we will know with certainty that if folks read it at Wikipedia, “it must be true!”

Thanks, all!

If you have not yet read The Pollyanna Principles, you can get a copy here.

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