Monday Morning Rock Out!

Green peace signNormally I slowly weave and tease my way into the video I share for the Monday Morning Rock Out. This week, though, as we watch the future unfold before us in a way we rarely witness, it seems disingenuous to do anything but get right to the point.

Each day, as we watch the news unfold from Iran, we are inspired. We are encouraged. We are frightened for the violence faced by those who are holding themselves accountable for creating not only the future of their country, but in many ways, the future of our whole world.

So this week’s Rock Out is a reminder of the power we have together that we do not have alone. It is a reminder of those who are holding themselves accountable with their very lives. And it is a reminder of the power of art to convey all of that.

I can think of two other Monday Morning Rock Outs that have used this song – one to share the power of the arts to connect us with what is possible, and the other to address the message that is so strong as we watch the news unfold in Iran – the power we have when we all stand together.

And now this one, by Jon Bon Jovi and Iranian superstar Andy Madadian (check out the background about this endeavor here.)

If a song has landed in this spot three times in three different ways – if so many people are using this song to provide the same solid message – then it is a message we must keep in mind as we head out to create the future of our communities this week.

We have power when we stand together, holding ourselves accountable for accomplishing something bigger than ourselves.

What will you hold yourself accountable for this week.  And who will you link arms with today, this very hour, to make sure you can accomplish that?

Make it a great Monday and a great week, all.

Many thanks to Phabiola Herrera (aka @Phabi), a new follower on Twitter, for the heads-up about this video.

Photo credit: The Boston Globe I strongly recommend clicking the link, to see the rest of their breathtaking and powerful images.

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