Monday Morning Rock Out!

big birdIt’s Monday – another week ahead, another chance to hold ourselves accountable for creating the future of our communities and our world.

Given the events of this weekend, that somehow seems more critical this morning than it does on other Mondays.

The election in Iran, deciding how that country will interact on the global stage.  The extent to which the whole world connected via Twitter to bear witness to the events in that country at the moment they occurred, far away and yet so close.

If this weekend proved anything, it is the extent to which we are realizing that all of us, all around the world, are really just one big family.

In 2001, eleven days after September 11, two hundred artists of all kinds (not just musicians – actors, sports figures) gathered to record this video at the invitation of Nile Rodgers – the man who originally wrote the song. What was once a disco anthem became an anthem of the heart we all share, all around the world.  And then it became a movement.

Since that day, Nile and his life partner, Nancy Hunt, formed the We Are Family Foundation.  Together they have been doing whatever it takes to link us to each other.  Their latest effort is aimed at having US Congress and the United Nations to declare March 11th We Are Family Day – “a day to celebrate our common humanity and provide an opportunity for teachers, parents and educators of all kinds to teach our youth about different cultures, different religions and the importance of respecting our fellow human beings.”

But can one day do it all? As we hold ourselves accountable for creating the future this week, isn’t it time we stopped thinking of our differences, and started linking arms to accomplish what none of us can do on our own? Pollyanna Principle #3 states that everything and everyone is interconnected and interdependent, whether we acknowledge that or not.

The power comes when we do indeed acknowledge those links. The power comes when we see that truly, we are all family.

Have a great Monday and a great week, all.

Why the photo of Big Bird? Just one more project We Are Family created – this one for kids!

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