Monday Morning Rock Out!

It’s Monday! Another week of creating a healthy, vibrant, compassionate, resilient future for our communities and our world!

And no, I don’t want to hear the Top 10 list of reasons we must postpone thinking about creating that future. “We’re struggling to survive. We can’t spend time talking about some impossible pipe dream. We can’t even provide our current programs, and you want to talk about the future? We just can’t!”

Can’t Can’t Can’t with a dash of Impossible for good measure. Well, you all know what happens when someone tells me “It’s Impossible!”

The Culture of Can’t pounds at us from all sides, telling us our goals and dreams are not possible. Tell that to Elias Lafuente and the dancers he teaches at Danza Down.

For all of you stuck in the Culture of Can’t, here’s a reality check: We can focus on what sucks about today for our organizations, or we can make sure we are doing everything we can to create a better tomorrow for our communities. The difference is this: We cannot change today. But we can indeed create the future, and we are doing so right now, with every action we take.

That is why we created a discussion group at Facebook, to begin exploring how we CAN create a better future – not 50 years from now, or even 10 years from now, but a year or two from now. We kicked off that discussion last week with this thought:

Economic hard times will not last forever. Knowing that, we can choose to plan merely for surviving these times – OR we can plan to ensure our communities are ready to soar once good times return.

If we want our communities to be poised to do great things once the economy turns around, what would our communities look like if they were poised to take off? What would the people and institutions in our communities be ready to do / accomplish?

The discussion has been rich, and we are excited that it has taken off so quickly. Here is just some of what folks have said:

• Our communities would have to have educational infrastructure in place to make the leap to whatever is next
• The organizations in our communities would be poised for taking that next step.
• Our communities would have a spirit of embracing art and artists who live within the community.
• Our communities would consider all actions with one thought: How will this create a great world for our children?

Is it possible to accomplish all that before the economy turns around? We will not know until we try. Like the young people in Danza Down, though, we will likely accomplish far more than onlookers might think, simply because we are aiming at doing so. And that’s because unless something is physically impossible, it is possible – period.

I hope you remember that in everything you do this week. And I hope you will join the energizing discussion at our Facebook page.

Have a great Monday and a great week, all!

Many thanks to Romina Oliverio, who sent along this week’s wonderful video. Thanks, Romi!

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