Monday Morning Rock Out!

It’s Monday – another week ahead, another chance to grab hold of what is possible for our communities and just do it!

Ok, I confess these days it is sometimes a struggle to think about what is possible. The economy is making it even more difficult to do the work that used to be hard enough to do when times were good. Now there seems to be less of everything.

But we also know this: We humans accomplish what is seemingly impossible all the time!

If we can envision it, we can choreograph it. We can arrange for whatever needs to be done (like permission for 400 people to dance in Liverpool Street Station). If we can imagine it, regardless of the constraints, we can make it happen!

So ask yourself this:

What do you want your community to be like when we finally come out of this recession?

And what will you build upon to choreograph that?

Even in hard times, we have so much to build upon. That’s really what the Pollyanna Principles are – a list of assets we can build on at any point, whether times are good or bad. Check them out – is there anything here that is not powerful and available to us in bad times as well as good times?

Accountability for what we want to accomplish for the community. (Check!)
The fact that through cause-and-effect, we are creating the future with every action we take. (Check!)
Our interconnectedness and interdependence with everyone in our communities – especially other organizations in the same boat. (Check!)
Our core values – the guideposts by which we always want our decisions to be made, especially when situations might urge us to do otherwise. (Check!)
The assets and strengths that come from our mission, our people, our “stuff”, our community (Check!)
The systems we create for accomplishing great things for our communities. (Check!)

Yes, times are hard. We all seem to be forced into making decisions that are overwhelming. But we still have much to build upon. And our communities are counting on us to do so.

So let’s get out there and choreograph a great week and a great future.

Read all 6 Principles plus the first 30 pages of The Pollyanna Principles for free by clicking on this link: Read it now!

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