Monday Morning Rock Out!

Happy Monday, everyone! This week holds so much creative promise as we head out to create the future of our communities and our world. And if we humans are anything, we are creative!

Even those who may not think of themselves as creative have creativity oozing from every pore. A homeless person who figures out how to survive on the streets – that takes a degree of creativity I’m not sure I will ever possess. The person in an accounting office who figures out a tough-to-crack accounting problem.

As the economic news hits closer and closer to home, we will need all the creativity we can muster, to provide the results our communities need from us. And what might that creativity look like? If you’re lucky, it will look like this.

For every creative idea, there is always the naysayer – the folks who are focused on the million and one reasons the future could not possibly look any different from the past.

And sadly, we may see proof of that statement if the video that is supposed to be above these words has disappeared between the time I posted this RockOut and the time you are seeing it. That is because Warner Brothers has decreed that this parody infringes on their Copyrighted song. (The story of that ridiculous venture is here.)

The opposite of creativity and invention is fear and scarcity. Creativity will make the world a richer, more vibrant, healthy place to live. It will bring the kind of joy we feel when listening to this inventive young man rif on the Star Wars theme, and the same joy we feel when we come upon a sidewalk chalk artist knocking off a DaVinci.

Fear and scarcity, however, will create dissent, forcing good people to resort to trickery simply to express their true creative force.

If you are a creator – a writer, photographer, film-maker etc. – we urge you to consider the wisdom-sharing that accompanies a Creative Commons License rather than a strict copyright. A Creative Commons license states (in essence), “I wrote this, I own it. And as long as you don’t claim it’s yours or use it to make a fortune, I hope you will share it and build upon it.”

The ability to build upon the creativity of others is what builds new wisdom. That creativity is one of the greatest strengths we humans have. It is the key to our creating an amazing world.

Please, therefore, browse this blog today. Find something intriguing and try it. Put it to use. Build upon what you find here and let us all know how it works.

Have a great Monday and a great week, all!

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Photo credit: Dimitri Petropolis

2 Responses to Monday Morning Rock Out!

  1. Interesting comments about copyright given the copyright infringement situation you found yourself in not so long ago . . .

  2. Marcia:
    I’m smiling that you remember that. For those who do not, in that circumstance, someone took one of my articles, copied it word for word (including a story that had happened to me, changing it to say it happened to him), and published it under his own name in a prestigious journal! As I said above, our policy has always been, “Use it, post it, talk about it – but attribute it!” Slapping your own name on someone else’s work (and then signing a contract that states the work is your own) is the opposite of that for sure!

    The upshot of that particular story, though, Marcia, is that I will have an article published under my own name in that journal this spring. And further, I will be keynoting the awards lunch at their annual conference (talking about creating the future, not plagiarism!)