Monday Morning Rock Out!

The inauguration is over, and it’s time to get to work.

This is the danger zone – the time when we are most prone to let-down. We’ve had the vision; we’ve spent the week in awe and wonder. Now it’s Monday, and reality sets in. Times are hard, and seem only to be getting harder.

It’s easy to get lost in what’s not working when so much is not working. But on this Monday morning, we know that’s not going to get us anywhere. We need a vision to reach for – a vision of what is possible.

You can hear the joy in Louis Armstrong’s voice even if you close your eyes to shut out the joy in his huge smile. We all feel that same joy when we consider how wonderful this world can be.

Focusing on our problems – on the things we do NOT want in our communities, our organizations, our lives – we feel as if life is always a struggle.

But when we raise our sights towards what is possible we fill our spirits. We don’t ignore our problems; on the contrary – we address them as one step in turning that powerful, vibrant image into reality.

“I see babies crying, I watch them grow. They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know. And I think to myself, What a wonderful world.A vision of the future. A vision of strength, of joy.

Today is fleeting; yesterday is gone. The unpainted canvas of tomorrow is stretched wide and long ahead of us.

If we can envision it, we can create it. Let’s envision a wonderful world. And let’s get out there and make it so.

Have a great Monday and a great week, all!

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